Testimonies: What Our Clients Say

Excellent Dental Restorations

163777_155275774523765_154149664636376_308497_1559143_nIt is essential to work with a lab that provides excellent dental restorations. It is a luxury to work with a dental lab that provides personal care, responsiveness, and consistency. Rocco’s provides it all! Rocco’s has been supporting our team and our practice for over 2 decades and I wouldn’t think of changing a thing. Thank you Rocco’s.

Robert A. Randolph, DDS

Beautiful Results

deannaWe love using Rocco’s Dental Studio because of the awesome communication and problem solving with difficult cases. It is great to work with a lab that is passionate about creating seamless cases with beautiful results.

Deanna Cogbill,
North County Oral and Facial Surgery Center

Excellent Service

awaiting photoI just want to start out that we are always striving to improve our patients experience in our office. We recently had a case completed with Rocco's Dental Studio and the contours, margins and sides were outstanding and to point. The patient required a custom shade-the shade which came out PERFECT! The patient is very happy and pleased. We now have made Rocco's part of our team. Thank you for excellent service!

Roxana Mashoon, DDS

Patient Was Thrilled


Our teenage patient was thrilled with his #8 eMax crown. His dad said, "Whoa, that looks like a tooth not a crown." Thanks for the beautiful crown and all of your hard work.

Jenny Caruso, DDS