Juma’s World Jubilee

What A Successful Night!

Amount Raised      Children Sponsored

                                                              $4,602                             4

Thank You to everyone who attended and supported our first Juma’s World Jubilee. It was a pleasure and honor to host our clients and raise money for a great cause. With your help, we raised a total of $4,602 which will be going towards The Dream Center (scroll to bottom for more info) and 3 children were sponsored!

Photos by Nicole Dominquez

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Juma’s World is a 501 (c) 3 charity based in San Diego that empowers orphaned children in Tanzania, Africa, especially children who have lost their parents to AIDS. Their mission is to empower one million orphans to experience holistic transformation, so that they will live their best life and make their world around them better too.

They recently started construction on “The Dream Center” in Tabora, Tanzania. In this facility, the children will receive life coaching, advanced education, creative arts training, basic necessities like food, clean water, clothes and emergency care.  For more information about Juma’s World, visit jumasworld.org.


 The Dream Center


The Dream Center by Juma’s World will serve thousand of children in the Tabora region of Tanzania.

As a hub for children, the Dream Center will provide orphans with the opportunity to experience transformation. It will offer children tools and skills, enabling them to break down personal, cultural and societal limitations.

Through the Dream Center, orphans will begin to see themselves as loved and successful, and therefore possessing the ability to live their dream. Emphasis will be placed on the following:

  • Providing Essentials
  • Healing the Hearts of Orphans
  • Teaching Life Skills and Advanced Education
  • Facilitating Creative Arts Programs







Dream-Center-Brochure-Side-Two Dream-Center-Brochure-text