Pink Porcelain

Pink porcelain is almost always for anterior cases for aesthetic purposes. It’s best when used on 2 or more units splinted together in order to achieve the seamless tissue. We typically use pink porcelain for a few different scenarios. One is when the patient has super long teeth and they’re wanting to shorten the length and shape of their smile. Another is if the patient suffers from tissue damage from an accident and not only are their teeth in need of repair, but also their tissue. It can also be used when there are multiple anterior pontics for a more life-like look.

It is available in two different materials – PFM and Zirconia. We recommend using Zirconia because there are more options available and it’s higher in aesthetics. When matching the tissue color, photos are needed and it’s even better if we can see the patient for a free custom tissue shade.


pink porcelian