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Frequently Asked Questions


1- What is PERIODYNE?

Periodyne is a natural gingival product that patients use at home. It is comprised of a patented combination of natural cetylated oils. Periodyne is applied directly on to the gums.

2- Is PERIODYNE safe?

Periodyne is very safe. The patented cetylated oils in Periodyne come from the U.S.-grown food supply. There is no known toxicity or side effects. To test safety, University of Minnesota researchers fed animals over 3,000 times the daily dose of these cetylated oils. Even at these enormous doses, no side effects occurred.

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3- How long does a PERIODYNE kit last?

There are 120 capsules in a kit. Dentists or hygienists may recommend that the kit be used up in 6, 4, 3, or 2 months.

6 Months:
A Periodyne kit is designed to last 180 days or approximately 6 months for a typical patient. 6 months is the time between cleanings for many patients. The directions on the box suggest a loading dose of 1 capsule a day for the first 2 months and then 1 capsule every other day as a maintenance dose thereafter. A kit will then last 180 days.

3 Months:
In some instances a dentist or hygienist may recommend doubling the dose, especially if you are having your teeth cleaned every 3 months. In this case you would use 2 caps a day for the first month and then 1 cap a day for the second and third month.

4 Months:
For patients scheduled to have their teeth cleaned every 4 months, your dentist or hygienist may recommend 1 capsule per day so that your Periodyne kit lasts until your next cleaning.

2 Months:
For patients wanting to speed up the process and get the maximum benefit from Periodyne, your dentist or hygienist may recommend 2 capsules per day. In this scenario a Periodyne kit will last 60 days or approx. 2 months.

As a general rule most patients will use a higher dose the 1st or 2nd month and then use a maintenance dose thereafter.

4- How is PERIODYNE used?

Periodyne is very easy to use. After brushing, clip off the nib from a Periodyne capsule. The contents inside are then placed directly onto the gums. The process literally takes only a few seconds.

You can squeeze the contents directly from the capsule onto the gums and if you wish, then move the oils around with your tongue.

If you prefer there is an applicator included that you can place the contents on and then place on to your gums. Wash the applicator before each use.

Instead of the applicator, you can place the contents onto a washed finger and then use the finger to place on the gums. Many people prefer using a finger because reaching a specific spot on their gums is usually quite easy with a finger.

You will likely swallow the majority of the oil, which is fine, as only a small amount is actually needed to make contact with the gums.

After applying to the gums there will remain a residual amount of PERIODYNE in each capsule. For complete health benefit swallow the capsule with a sip of water.

5- Is PERIODYNE guaranteed?

Yes. We can stand behind our product because our research shows that PERIODYNE helps the vast majority of the time. If you purchase PERIODYNE and do not see an improvement in your gum health we will refund the purchase price.