Custom Abutments

7 day turnaround (without final restoration)

21 day turnaround (with final restoration) – Call for rush charges

Many options are available for custom abutments at Rocco’s. Since not every manufacture has the same options available, our well versed team is here to help by presenting the available choices you do have. So whether you require a one-piece abutment, a crown over an abutment or a Bioment3I encode, Kristie is dedicated to assisting you so you’re confident with your decision.

We have in-house scanning for Straumann, Atlantis and Cerec metal connection abutments. Send us your Itero scans for Straumann abutments and crown and bridge cases. Contact us if you have any questions concerning Itero cases.

Benefits of One Piece Abutments:

  • No cement clean up
  • Retrievable
  • Emergence angle can be customized
  • Contra indications are access hole is not in a desirable location


Benefits of Custom Abutments:

  • Create a natural emergence profile between an implant and crown
  • Crown margin depth can be customized
  • Allows for better hygiene
  • Allows for better esthetics
  • Allows for better alignment with angled implants
  • Zirconia and Gold Hue abutments enhance esthetics of the final case